Things for Electronic Beginners

When someone is a beginner in the field of electronics, he is quite vulnerable because he has a very little idea on what are the things he needs and what is not and therefore, he ends up buying lots of unnecessary stuff. But not from now, here I am compiling a list of items that a beginner should have if he is into electronics. These are the things that are going to help you get started as an electronic hobbyist.

Digital Multimeter

tools for electronic hobbyist

This thing is amazing and a life savior. This is used to measure electrical parameters like current, voltage, resistance etc. It is also used to check the circuit if it is shorted. A must-have device for a guy into electronics. You can buy it from Amazon by clicking here.

Bread Board and Jumper wires

tools for electronic beginner

This thing is mainly used for prototyping your project. It is used to create circuits for prototyping your project. A handy and must have tool for electronic enthusiasts. The jumper wire is used along with the breadboard used to make circuitry. These come in various types like Male to Male, Male to Female and Female to Female. For breadboard, you would be needing at least one side is male.  You can buy this combo from Amazon by clicking here.

Screw Driver

An electronic screwdriver is used to open up the circuitry which you would be needing to analyze for various purposes. A must-have for every electronic enthusiast. You can buy it from Amazon by clicking here.

Soldering Iron and Wire

These are the things used to solder the wire with the circuit. A soldering iron works with the soldering wire. First, the iron heats up and then we put soldering wire near it. It melts the soldering wire and then it joins with the wire you attached to the circuit making it a strong connection. You can buy this combo from Amazon by clicking here.

Desoldering Pump

This thing is a life saviour. A must-have for every beginner. This thing saves me countless times. What it does is, it helps you get to remove the residue that remains in the PCB after you tried to desolder, which should be often. It’s highly recommended to a beginner. You can buy this directly from

Glue Gun

You can have these things to protect your circuits. Although, these are not as important as a multimeter or screwdriver, but is pretty useful. It is used to protect your circuit.  You can buy it from here.

Zero PCB and Berg Strip

A normal PCB is a printed circuit board in which a circuit is printed on the board itself. Zero PCB is a board used to make electronic circuits. The reason it is called zero because the circuit is not printed, rather we have to make a circuit according to us by using wires and soldering. It is also used for prototyping of your project. You can check your schematic by manually creating the circuits using this. You can buy this combo by clicking here.

Wire for making circuitry

You should have wires for implementing circuits on zero PCB. Wires of different-different colors are a plus because then you can color code them. For example-Red colour is for Vcc and Black is for ground. You can buy these from here

Wire Cutter

These are used to cut and split the wire. A must-have for every electronic hobbyist who likes to do DIY projects. You can buy it from here.

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