There are no Dumb Questions

There are no Dumb Questions

Before we proceed further, there are some questions that come across to me that I thought would need a special attention because it’s likely that you may be wondering about these questions as well. In this article, I am going to try to address some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Arduino that a beginner asks, because I believe-“There are no Dumb Questions“. As we will proceed, I am going to add some more articles like this.

What is Arduino Uno?

Arduino Uno is one of the many boards made by Arduino. The other boards include-Arduino Nano, Arduino Mega etc. At its core, it’s powered by Atmega 328 microcontroller made by Atmel. For programming these microcontrollers, you need to know about its internal hardware which is not an easy task for the beginners. So, what they did, they build an IDE(Integrated Development Environment), which lets you enjoy your coding while doing majority task in the background.

What is the use of a crystal oscillator in Arduino?

Crystal Oscillator gives a periodic clock input to the microcontroller of the Arduino. The frequency of the microcontroller is usually the frequency of the crystal generating the waves. So, the crystal oscillator generates oscillations of the particular frequency. The more the frequency is fed to the microcontroller of the Arduino, the faster it’s going to work. But, it’s mention in the datasheet that they can’t feed the frequency more than 20 MHz, therefore the crystal oscillator they are using is of 16MHz.

How powerful is Arduino?

It’s powerful. Actually, there are many boards Arduino manufactures. Boards like Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano are suitable for small to medium level of projects, while for the big projects, Arduino Mega is powerful board.

Why is Arduino used?

Well, that depends on the people. I mean they find it useful to use and guess what, they use it.
Just kidding!
The basic thing for which a microcontroller is generally used is for Automation. To make the machine able to perform its own task without any human control. These little devices are present everywhere- from your AC to your microwave, you get the idea. Arduino makes the task of programming certain microcontroller even easier. And that’s why people use it extensively.

Is Arduino reprogrammable?

Of course, the flash memory of Arduino-Uno can be reprogrammed at least 10,000 times.

Where can I buy Arduino?

You can buy Arduino directly from this link-Well if you are an Indian. If you are outside from India, you can buy it from this link.
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