C Tutorial

Loops in C

What are the loops in Programming and what are they use for? Suppose you have given a task to print your name 5 times. Simple right? You can just print your name 5 times in the main function. But in programming, you don’t want to write the same code for doing the same task because …

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Arithmetic Operation in C

Hello there, in the previous tutorial of datatypes, we have discussed some data types in C. In this post, we are going to use some of those concepts here. Also, we are going to understand arithmetic operators and operation in C. Problem Statement The problem statement is, we have to create a program in which …

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Datatypes in C

Data Types in C

Basic Data Types in C What we have done in the previous article is a lot. I mean we were able to print Hello World..! that in itself is an achievement. This article is about variables and basic data types in C. What is a Variable As the name suggests, a variable is used to …

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Your First Program in C

Hello there fellow geeks, I hope you all are doing well. I decided to write about C as it is a basic part of the programming we do in microcontrollers. Sure that is Embedded C which can be termed as “Miniature version” of C as it is basically designed for micro-controllers. I will be starting …

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