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This Pointer in C++

In this article, we will understand more about the this pointer as well as understand more about it’s use case. The This Pointer This is the pointer whose type is the same as the class type. Okay, but where does it points? Yeah, it points to the current instance of the class(object). Let’s prove this …

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If-Else in C

Control flow statement in C (If – Else) – Part 1 This article is all about the control flow statement in C (If – else). It means if you want to control the certain execution of the program according to the condition described by you. For example, you want to check if the number entered …

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Functions in C/C++

What are the functions in C and why should we use them? Suppose you have to write a code in which you have to find out the sum and difference of two numbers three times. Well, it’s very simple to do that but now you have to write the same code three times. To make …

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Loops in C

What are the loops in Programming and what are they use for? Suppose you have given a task to print your name 5 times. Simple right? You can just print your name 5 times in the main function. But in programming, you don’t want to write the same code for doing the same task because …

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