AVR Tutorial

Timers in Atmega16-AVR

Timer Introduction: Everything on earth is synchronized by time, therefore we need a device that can accurately tell about time duration. The earlier generation of such devices(timer) includes Water clock, Sun clock, second’s Pendulum, Sand clock and much more. My point is that anything that can give information about time intervals is called timer. The …

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AVR vs Arduino

There are a significant number of people on earth that are confused between AVR and Arduino. This article is meant for them. If you are one of them, congratulations, you found a right place to clear out your confusion. In this article, I am going to point out the difference between AVR and Arduino. AVR Microcontrollers …

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Custom Character in 16×2 LCD

We have already learned 16×2 LCD interfacing with AVR microcontroller, perform scrolling operation and to print anywhere in LCD. In this post, we will learn about Custom Character Generation in 16×2 LCD. Before starting to learn about the generation of custom characters, we are going to know a bit more about LCD printing program. For …

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16×2 LCD Interfacing with Atmega16

16×2 LCD Module-Introduction The 16×2 LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) is an electronic display used in many electronic devices and projects.By 16×2, it means it can display 16 characters in each row and has 2 rows. It is a basic display device used by electronics enthusiasts. This LCD module supports ASCII characters but you can display 8 …

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