This Pointer in C++

In this article, we will understand more about the this pointer as well as understand more about it’s use case. The This Pointer This is the pointer whose type is the same as the class type. Okay, but where does it points? Yeah, it points to the current instance of the class(object). Let’s prove this …

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Binary Coding

In the world of Digitization with upcoming new technologies, creation of Software we are forgetting the base of it. Does anyone even has ever pondered about the existence of it where we got to know about the language of Computers? Do you know who invented the concept of binary computing? Who invented the concept of …

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RTOS in Microcontrollers

In the previous article, I have introduced you about RTOS, it’s advantages and why we use them. In this article, I am going to dig a little deep into RTOS specifically into the Microcontroller. Let’s get started. Need for RTOS in Microcontrollers When we go into the history of microcontrollers, they were designed to perform …

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