Binary Coding

In the world of Digitization with upcoming new technologies, creation of Software we are forgetting the base of it. Does anyone even has ever pondered about the existence of it where we got to know about the language of Computers?

Do you know who invented the concept of binary computing? Who invented the concept of calculus?

He is Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. This man has spread its legs into every field and has tried to bring out major inventions. Leibniz who was a serious inventor, engineer, and applied scientist, with great respect for practical life. 

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

He always compares or relates problems with real-life problems. While going through some cultures he finally came across Chinese culture and their famous book Ching and after going through the book he interpreted a diagram which was in the form of yin and yang which confines to “zero” and “one”. After reading one of the famous sinophiles which gave him an idea of how it transcends the dichotomy between religion and humanism. He anticipated the polynomial values of lowest degree and algorithm interpolation theory in which it provides a brief relation between the computation information and between the computable generated objects. Through his calculus, he made a Universal Turing Machine through which the concept of grammar such as Context-free grammar and even complex grammar were considered as input in the machine.

Why Binary?

Computers use binary to make calculations simple. To save binary, we just need two voltage levels where generally the higher voltage means ‘1’ and lower voltage means ‘0’. The computers stores information in bits(smallest unit in memory) capable to store these two states. Now, for example, you want to store a number more than ‘1’, then you need more bits. 8 bits becomes byte and a byte can store 2^8 numbers which is 256. 

Leibniz simplified the binary system by applying numerous logical properties such as disjunction, conjunction, negation, identity, and inclusion.

These are because of the efforts of a person who was Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in making of Binary system, Turing machine which has given a revolution in the field of Computer Science. How he related religion and pre-historic things combing it with the Computational fields and linking things up by the real-time situation.

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